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General Rubber Fabric Company
16G x 54"W x 15 YDS (1699)
Super Class Double Polished "Window Clear" Vinyl Film
(Sold via Web Store by Roll and/or Sold via Call-in Order by Roll or YD)
Super Class Double Polished "Window Clear" PVC Film with uses that include: storm windows; doors; upholstery; table covers; car and boat windows; slipcovers; crafts; insulation; wind and vapor barriers; sheeting; tarps;  and all types of covers. Resists cold and hot temperatures, water, stains, and more. 

Our inventory for Roll Gauge (G) thicknesses include: 4G; 6G; 8G; 10G; 12G; 16G; 20G; 30G; 40G & 60G. Many films also available in Super Class Frosted Clear. If you do not find a film that you are seeking, or if you want to purchase Roll Products by the yard, or need further information...

"Call 1-800-523-0958​ or Order On-Line"
NOTE: Guages are thicker the higher the number I/E 40G is thicker than 20G
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With UV and Green/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $119.25/RL ($7.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $59.25/RL ($3.95/YD)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyls
(With Special Thickness and Widths)
20G x 54"W x 15 YDS (2099)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With UV and Black/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $149.25/RL ($9.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $71.25/RL ($4.75/YD)
8G x 54"W x 36 YDS (8990)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With Yellow/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $142.20/RL ($3.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $64.80/RL ($1.80/YD)
12G x 54"W x 25 YDS (1299)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With Red/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $123.75/RL ($4.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $68.75/RL ($2.75/YD)
4G x 54"W x 50 YDS (4990)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With Blue/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $147.50/RL ($2.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $62.50/RL ($1.25/YD)
6G x 54"W x 40 YDS (6992)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With Black/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $130.00/RL ($3.25/YD)
Your FOB Price: $56.00/RL ($1.40/YD)
6G x 72"W x 15 YDS (6972)
Super Class "Window Clear"
With White Tissue Paper
List Price: $104.25/RL ($6.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $44.25/RL ($2.95/YD)
60G x 48"W x 5.5 YDS (6048)
Super Class "Window Clear"
With UV and White Tissue Paper
List Price: $164.73/RL ($29.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $87.73/RL ($15.95/YD)
30G x 54"W x 10 YDS (3010)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With UV and White Tissue Paper
List Price: $189.50/RL ($18.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $82.50/RL ($8.25/YD)
40G x 54"W x 10 YDS (4010)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With UV and Black/White Tissue Paper
List Price: $239.50/RL ($23.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $109.50/RL ($10.95/YD)
16G x 54"W x 38 YDS (1638)
Super Class "Window Clear" Vinyl
With UV and no Tissue Paper
List Price: $170.00/RL ($7.95/YD)
Your FOB Price: $112.10/RL ($2.95/YD)
6G x 72"W x 25 YDS (6990)